Responsible Gambling

We at are completely committed to ensuring that everyone using this site gambles responsibly and fully within their means. It is hugely important that you always remain firmly in control of your online gambling when using this website and it is vital that you don’t see it as a means of making money. This pastime should be purely for enjoyment. With that in mind, we provide our readers with advice and tips on how they should gamble responsibly.


Responsible Gambling Advice from


Only ever gamble an amount you can afford to lose

Always ensure that you gamble fully within your means. This means that you should only ever bet using money that would otherwise have been set aside for other recreational activities such as going to the football, visiting the cinema or heading along to the pub. Never use money earmarked for essential bills such as rent, mortgage, food or utility bills.


Never ever chase any losses

In the event that you lose, never ever attempt to get your money back by gambling bigger amounts and thus exceeding your set limit. Clearly this can result in you losing greater amounts and you could possibly find yourself in serious debt.


Set any betting limits in advance

As many know, gambling can be hugely addictive and you can easily find that you spend longer and longer periods indulging in the pastime. This could start to affect other aspects of your life so ensure that you set aside a specified time before you start gambling and quit once you have reached the end of that specified time.


Take breaks

Online gambling is supposed to be an enjoyable and fun pastime, however if you find that it is taking over your life or you have stopped enjoying it, why not take a break. You can still return whenever you want but you should always be fully prepared to walk away.


Don’t Gamble when Drunk or under the influence of Drugs

You decision making can and probably will be adversely affected when under the influence of drink or drugs, therefore never gamble if you have used either. DON’T mix alcohol or drugs with gambling.


Don’t gamble if you are angry or depressed

Everyone makes bad decisions when depressed or angry and the same applies when gambling. In this situation, never gamble.


Never put online gambling before friends and family

Gambling is NOT and never will be the most important thing in your life. Friends, family and loved ones should always be your priority.


Get help if you need it

Some believe that seeking help is a sign of weakness. It ISN’T!!! It is purely a way of turning around a bad situation with the help of other people, many of whom may have experienced a similar situation as yourself. If you find that you are breaking any of the above rules, then now is the time to get advice. All help and advice is completely confidential and you can visit specialists websites devoted to helping those who need it. Links can be found at the foo0t of this page.


Signs that your gambling could be developing into a problem


You must seek advice and help if you believe that either yourself or a loved one may be experiencing any issues with their online gambling. Some vital clues to look out for may include any of the following:


  • Thinking/talking about gambling a lot of the time
  • Spending lots of time online gambling
  • Attempting to chase losses by gambling larger amounts
  • Betting more than you can afford to lose
  • Losing interest in other hobbies and interests
  • Gambling money set aside for essential bills
  • Borrowing money from various sources such as friends or pay-day lenders
  • Becoming withdrawn and depressed
  • Stealing money in order to gamble


Click below for Help and Advice


BeGambleAware – Here you will find all of the key information  you need in order to find help and support with any gambling problems or concerns.


Gamcare – this is a registered charity set up to help those having problems with gambling. Confidential support is available via telephone and counselling is also available.