Five Premier League Titles in Six Years for Manchester City

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The 2022/23 Premier League campaign has drawn to a close and Manchester City claimed the spoils for a fifth time in six seasons, therefore now is a great time to claim some excellent Manchester City free bets from our featured bookmaker partners as Pep Guardiola prepares for the next campaign.


Five titles in six years for Manchester City


It was business as usual for Manchester City at the weekend when they were crowned Premier League champions for the fifth time in six seasons. With Pep Guardiola being handed limitless funds to create the perfect football team, is competition in the Premier League a thing of the past?

The Premier League trophy is once again in the hands of Manchester City and this in itself raises a few questions about the competitiveness of the English top-flight. Pep Guardiola’s side have enjoyed a huge level of domination and while they trailed Arsenal for much of the campaign, they were always hot on their heels since the early stages of the season.

Man City are the fifth side to win three consecutive English titles, while they are only the third to claim five in six seasons, this in itself underlining how uncompetitive the top-flight has become in recent years. City have undoubtedly been the first English side to win the title with a suffocating amount of sheer dominance, while they are the first champions to face charges from the same competition which they have just won. If proven, then these charges could result in City being stripped of past titles or even thrown out of the league completely.

Erling Haaland warrants a large amount of attention in Manchester City’s season, especially so given the player’s potency has personified the side’s overbearing newly-found power. Nevertheless much of the attention focuses more on how much he isn’t really in tune with the rest of the team, the Norwegian having so few touches that it seemed that he was completely separate to the rest of the players, something which goes against the manager’s principles. Guardiola has been more than happy to go with Haaland’s strengths and it also solved many issues within the team, while allowing the player to move in his preferred way without opening up too much space elsewhere. In a sense then, City have become as close to being perfect as they can possibly be. They are fast becoming unstoppable.

Where does that leave the Premier League? City have brutalised the idea of competition in the English top-flight. There has been little in the way of true drama and no drama whatsoever. There have been some memorable moments throughout the campaign plus some amazing goals from the likes of Haaland and De Bruyne but no-one can say that this is a one-off. Guardiola has had £200 million with which to shape his squad and while few won’t have some respect for what the manager has achieved, hardly anyone has discussed his genius or the players’ greatness. Indeed, there is a fast growing backlash with many more than happy to point out the clear nature of the Abu Dhabi connection. One prominent person said: “they have ruined our league, and we still have Newcastle United and maybe Manchester United to come”. Many more feel exactly the same way.